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FAQs On Scanner Optics Products

  • How can we guarantee the quality of our products? 

    Scanner Optics strictly controls the incoming materials, processing processes, complete machines, and shipments of established products to ensure the product's performance and quality.

  • What's on our list?

    Standard accessories:

    Scan head

    User's Guide


    F-Theta lens

    Control card and marking software

    Connection cable between control card and scan head

  • Under what circumstances does our company have no obligation to repair?

    1. Fragile paper broken

    2. Optical components Damaged

    3. Damage caused by non-Shenzhen Scanner Optics S&T CO., Ltd. personnel repairs

    4. Damage caused by non-Shenzhen Scanner Optics S&T CO., Ltd. personnel modification to the product

    5. Damage caused by improper use or improper operation

    6. Damage caused by using incorrect laser power or improper adjustments by the user

    7. Damage caused by incorrect touch or wipe the lens

    8. Cyclic damage caused by the above reasons

  • What do we need to do to reduce the likelihood of danger happening?

    In order to reduce the possibility of danger, please follow the instructions below:

    1. Do not look directly into the laser beam or its polarized light when assembling and operating the scan head, and keep your body away from the laser beam. Do not touch the laser.

    2. Damage to humans due to misaligned radiant light would increase when scan head and optics are used together

    3. Please do turn off the power of laser and scan head before checking the scan head

    4. The path through which the laser beam passes must be hermetically sealed to prevent laser radiation

    5. No touching and no blocking the movement of the lenses while the scan head is running. Also make sure that the lenses does not be touched and knocked over when the scan head is running.

    6. Follow laser safety rules

    7. Protects lenses from dust, moisture, and corrosive gases

    8. Wear cotton gloves when touching lenses

    9. Use specific lens paper to clean the lens

    10. Keep the scan head away from strong magnetic fields to avoid damage to the electronic components

    11. The laser beam has serious damage to eyes and skin, please use protective glasses.

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