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Han's Scanner Installation Steps

1. Tear off the adhesive tape on the light hole, remove the dust cover.

2. Before installation, please clean the mirror to ensure that the it is free of oil, dust, fabric fibers, etc. Observe the reflective surface of the mirror carefully, and wipe it with a special lens paper if there is dust or other debris.

3. Stack the lens paper into strips and pinch the end of the lens paper, use the front end of the paper to gently move on the mirror, be careful not to drag back and forth; the lens paper can not be reused.

4. Mount field lens that with adapter ring.

5. Install the scan head.

Hansscanner Installation Steps

Han's Scanner Installation Process

1. Make sure that the connectors on the machine match with the scan head.

2. Position the scan head with your machine and insert the positioning pin for precise positioning.

3. Fix the connecting screw.

Hansscanner Installation Process

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