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Han's Scanner Galvanometer Application of Micromachining

Han's Scanner Galvanometer Application of Micromachining

Micro-processing applications cover a wide range of industries, including laser pcb marking, 3C industry, display panel industry, 5G communication industry, new energy industry, etc. The main materials are metal, non-metal and a variety of challenging materials (ceramic, glass, sapphire). With the continuous development of laser processing industry, laser micro-nano processing has replaced the traditional processing way, to achieve laser cutting, drilling, welding, marking, micro-nano structure and removal of five all-laser processing technology, to achieve the processing efficiency and effect of double improvement. 

At present, laser micro-nano machining with large size and high precision has become indispensable or even the only feasible machining tool. In the future, the processing requirements will be higher, and micro-nano machining will continue to be optimized. The high precision photoelectric and grating galvanometer independently developed by Han's Scanner is suitable for microprocessing of various materials.

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