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Compared with traditional mechanical processing, laser processing can be applied in a wider range combined with galvanometer scanning system. The laser application has absolute many advantages. Different kinds of laser processing are used for different materials in different fields, such as applications of lasers in physics, application of laser in spectroscopy, application of laser in metrology and so on. What's more, industrial laser cleaning, laser beam welding, and 3d laser scanning technology are more and more used nowadays.

  • Han's Scanner Galvo Laser Marking
    Laser Marking
    Laser marking is the most common technique in laser use, which helps manufacturers improve the efficiency and quality of their products.
  • Han's Scanner Galvanometer in Laser Welding Applications
    Laser Welding
    The laser welding spot diameter is small, the heat affected area is also small, no porosity and collapse after welding.
  • Han's Scanner Laser Drilling Applications
    Laser Drilling
    Laser drilling is a laser process technology that first achieve practicality, also one of the main application areas of laser processing.
  • Han's Scanner Laser Cutting System
    Laser Cutting
    Laser cutting flexibility, high cutting speed, high production efficiency, short product production cycle, whether simple or complex parts, can be used to achieve a rapid prototyping cutting laser.
  • Han's Scanner Galvanometer Application of Micromachining
    Laser micromachining covers a wide variety of different applications, including microengraving, microwelding, microcutting, surface structure, laser stripping, laser removal, etc.
  • Han's Scanner Galvanometer in Medical Aesthetics/Dermatology
    Medical Aesthetic
    A large number of studies have shown that the lattice pattern, the point density, the size and depth of the microholes all directly affect the therapeutic effect of laser therapy, so how to control the lattice pattern to achieve the best therapeutic effect is an important development direction of the lattice laser technology.
  • Han's Scanner Galvanometer in Ophthalmic Imaging
    Ophthalmic Imaging
    OCT has features of non-contact, fast imaging (real-time dynamic imaging), high detection sensitivity and so on.
  • 3D Scanner For 3D Printing
    3D Printing
    From the perspective of molding process, 3D printing breaks through the traditional molding method without making molds and mechanical processing in advance.
  • Han's Scanner Galvanometer in Lithium Battery Welding
    Lithium Battery
    Relying on the precision technology of galvanometer, Han's Scanner began to serve the lithium industry and other fields.
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