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Different Types of Galvanometer for Sale

Laser Galvo Definition

The galvanometer is mainly composed of XY galvanometer scanner, F-theta lens, galvanometer and computer controlled marking software. Select the corresponding optical components according to the different laser wavelengths. Related options also include laser beam expanders, lasers, etc. The scanning galvanometer is an excellent vector scanning device. It is a special kind of oscillating motor, the basic principle is electrified coil in the magnetic field to produce torque, but with a rotary motor, the rotor with by using the method of mechanical new spring or electronic reset torque, size is proportional to the rotor Angle of deviating from the equilibrium position, when the coil and rotor deflection occurred at a certain current to a certain Angle. The electromagnetic torque is the same as the recovery torque. Therefore, it can not rotate like ordinary motor, can only deflect, and ammeter deflection Angle is proportional to the current, so the galvo scanner laser is also called GALV scanning galvanometer.

Working Principle of Laser Galvo

A Laser Galvo system from Hans Scanner is a high-precision tool that uses mirrors to rapidly steer a laser beam. Here's the core principle:

  • Electromagnetic Dance: The Laser Galvo system relies on a special type of motor called a galvanometer scanner. This motor uses electromagnetic coils and a permanent magnet. When an electric current flows through the coils, it generates a magnetic field that interacts with the permanent magnet, causing the scanner to rotate.

  • Mirrored Maneuvers: Mounted on the scanner are one or two tiny mirrors. By precisely controlling the current sent to the coils, the scanner rotates the mirrors, deflecting the laser beam in different directions.

  • Digital Control, Agile Movements:  Hans Scanner's Laser Galvo systems are typically digitally controlled. A computer sends control signals that determine the current sent to the scanner coils. This allows for highly precise and agile positioning of the laser beam.

Working Principle of Laser Galvo

Why Choose Han's Scanner?

Han's Scanner originated from Han's Laser and grew in Han's Laser. Different types of galvanometer serve the global laser industry and continues to focus on motion control solutions based on laser scanner galvanometer. We focus on the production process and testing process, and build the first assembly line galvanometer production line in China, to ensure product quality consistency and stability. We focus on new markets and new applications, close to customers, service customers, committed to meet customers' requirements for high-performance laser galvo system.

Why Choose Han's Scanner?

Galvanometer Application

Han's Scanner galvanometer and system solutions have been successfully applied in mobile phone 3C industry, food packaging, tobacco industry and medical technology.
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