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Types Of Laser Lens

F-theta Lens

F-theta Lens

Han's Scanner F-Theta lens series products are able to suit different laser wavelengths.

Large View Field Fθ Lens

Large view field Fθ lens is a kind of special Fθ laser focus lens with larger range of flat image field developed on the basis of common Fθ lens. With the continuous development of laser processing field, equipment with larger scanning range is needed in the market. Optical Component Center researched and developed large view field Fθ lens with extremely large scanning range to meet the market development. When the outside dimension is unchanged, the maximum scanning range of this series of lens can reach up to 760 mm *760mm, which is far higher than the international scanning range (maximum 500 mm *500 mm), thus realizing perfect true large view field scanning.

How Does Laser Lens Work

Multiple-determining beam expander is a necessary optical device in laser machine. Due to the laser emission characteristics and machine requirement, it is necessary to shape and expand the emission light spot of the laser, thus enabling the laser focusing system to get a larger image aperture angle, improving the energy density at the focus point and improving the laser processing effect and efficient. Additionally, the series of lens can be used in stage show, square, landmark demo and city light project independently. Optical Component Center researched and developed a series of beam expander according to the actual needs, with the wavelengths covering 266nm, 355nm, 532nm and 1064nm. The multiples of the expanding can be developed according to customer's needs.

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