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Scanner Optics Galvanometer in Lithium Battery Welding

Scanner Optics Galvanometer in Lithium Battery Welding

Power battery is one of the important components of new energy vehicles, which has an important impact on the driving range, vehicle life, safety and other key indicators of new energy vehicles. Power batteries account for nearly 40% of the total cost of new energy vehicles, which is the largest part of the cost of new energy vehicles. Lithium-ion batteries are the main battery used in electric cars. According to the shape can be divided into cylindrical lithium ion battery, square lithium ion battery, flexible battery and button type lithium ion battery. 

According to the different electrolyte that can be divided into liquid lithium ion battery, polymer lithium ion battery and all solid lithium ion battery. For different types of lithium batteries, Scanner Optics customized developed professional galvanometer scanning cutting, welding, cleaning and other systems to meet the stringent requirements of the lithium industry for laser equipment.

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