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Han's Scanner Galvanometer in Medical Aesthetics/Dermatology

Han's Scanner Galvanometer in Medical Aesthetics/Dermatology

Lattice laser technology is a kind of minimally invasive treatment between invasive and non-invasive. Application of laser in medical physics has the advantages of both rapid and significant effects of invasive treatment and small side effects and short recovery time of non-invasive treatment, integrating the advantages of both. At present, aesthetic clinical use of high-energy ultra-pulsed CO2 laser, the pulse of which is shorter than 1ms. A scan can peel skin depth of about 100μm. The more laser scanning times are or the stronger laser energy is, the deeper the stripping depth is, the better the clinical treatment effect will be. 

In addition to direct exfoliation, medical laser technologies can also promote skin reconstruction, collagen remodeling or regeneration through indirect heat conduction. The dot array system independently developed by Han's Scanner adopts the most advanced ultra-pulse emission technology to greatly reduce the thermal damage to the surrounding tissues and accelerate healing under the premise of ensuring the curative effect. High-performance built-in digital laser scanner galvanometer can accurately control the scanning range and density. The control box has the function of fault detection and protection. When abnormal detection, the laser will be turned off within 0.1ms to prevent the occurrence of medical accidents.

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