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Polygon Scanner

Different from galvanometer control technology, polygon laser scanner has rotary mirror which adopts advanced bearing and spindle design, rotating speed up to 50,000 RPM, scanning rate over 100 KHz, scanning speed up to 512 m/s (1600 lines/s) and makes ultra-fast and ultra-cutting-edge scanning applications possible. Brushless DC motor and servo system combined to provide excellent performance and reliability, speed stability < 0.05%. Based on FPGA and DSP high-speed digital processing technology and scanning galvanometer core control algorithm. The application of high-resolution micro grating encoder is mostly used in high energy and high pulse frequency laser application scenarios.

polygon scanner
polygon scanner
hansscanner polygon scanner

Features of Polygon Scanner

High Marking Speed: The polygon mirror exhibits a remarkably high marking speed, making polygon scanner particularly suitable for demanding in high-speed and high-precision galvanometer application

to break the foreign monopoly, to achieve the breakthrough of zero localization, in the leading level at home and abroad.

Breakthrough Innovation: This technology marks a significant breakthrough in breaking foreign monopolies, achieving zero localization and positioning itself as a leader both nationally and internationally.

Versatility Across Industries: The polygon scanner head is used for various applications such as solar cutting, food and beverage packaging, high-speed marking, scanning inspection, medical scanning, optical scanning, laser cleaning, and cutting.

These features collectively position the Polygon Scanner as a cutting-edge and versatile tool, meeting the demands of diverse industries with precision and efficiency.

  • Polygon Scanner Dimensions
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Specifications Of Polygon Scanner

Polygon Scanner

Input Beam Aperture(mm)


Standard Wavelength (mm)


Scan Speed(lines per second)

150-1600 (Lines Per Second)

Moving Spot Speed (m/s)


LINE Placement Repeatability-Y Axis  (urad)


Optimal Laser Pixel Placement Repeatability-X axis (urad)


Power Requirements


(°)Scan Angle


(°C)Operation Temperature


Galvanometer Application

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