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What Do You Know About Laser Galvo Mirror?

A scanning galvo mirror for laser industry

The laser galvo mirror is simply a scanning galvo mirror used in the laser industry, and its professional term is called a high-speed scanning galvo mirror.  What is a galvo laser?  The so-called galvo mirror can also be called an ammeter. The Laser Galvo Mirror design idea completely follows the design method of an ammeter. The lens replaces the needle, and the signal of the probe is replaced by a computer-controlled DC signal to complete the predetermined action.

Like the rotating mirror scanning system, this typical control system uses a pair of folding mirrors. The difference is that the stepper motor driving the mirror is replaced by a servo motor. In this control system, the orientation sensor, the design idea of the application, and the negative feedback loop further ensure the accuracy of the system, and the scanning speed and repeated positioning accuracy of the whole system reach a new level.

Whether scanning laser systems are used for marking, engraving, or microcatheter drilling, they rely on galvo mirrors to accurately position the laser beam. Use mirror-grade silicon substrates to make galvanometric mirrors to specification. Precision thin-film coatings are applied on these substrates to create highly efficient galvanometric mirrors.

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The principle of galvo mirror scanning

Galvo mirror scanner head is mainly composed of XY scanning mirror, field mirror, galvo mirror, and computer-controlled marking software. The corresponding optical components are selected according to the different laser wavelengths. Related options also include laser beam expanders, lasers, and more. The working principle is that the laser beam is incident on two mirrors (scanning mirrors), and the reflection point of view of the mirrors is controlled by a computer. The laser focus point of a certain power density moves according to the required requirements on the marking material, and then leaves a permanent mark on the surface of the material, and the focus spot can be circular or rectangular. In the galvanometer scanning mirror system, vector graphics and text can be selected. This method adopts the processing method of graphics software in the computer, which has the characteristics of high drawing efficiency, good graphics accuracy, and no distortion, which greatly improves the laser scanning process. target quality and speed.

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At the same time, the galvo mirror type marking can also use the dot matrix marking method. This method is very suitable for online marking. Depending on the production line of different speeds, one scanning galvo mirror or two scanning galvo mirrors can be selected, as described above. Compared with the array marking, it can symbolize more dot matrix information, and has greater advantages in symbolizing Chinese characters. Due to its wide range of application, galvo mirror scanning marking can be used for vector marking and dot matrix marking, the symbol scale is adjustable, and it has fast response speed and high marking speed (hundreds of characters can be marked per second) , high marking quality, good optical path sealing performance, strong adaptability to the environment and other advantages have become mainstream products, and are considered to represent the future development direction of laser marking, with a broad prospect of use.

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