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Application of 3D printing

In many areas, 3D laser scanning is the standard for accurately capturing "as built" conditions. With the help of 3D laser scanning, any environment can be presented in 3D at lightning speed, even the smallest details. Laser scanning is often used when making modifications. Generally, the time for measuring all things is limited, involving complex objects or the environment to be measured is unclear, dangerous and difficult to reach (due to heat or gas). If there are structural problems such as deformation or dislocation, or when 3D data needs to be backed up for future use, laser scanning is also the best way to collect 3D data.

I. What is 3D laser printing?

3D laser scanning is distance measurement using a laser scanner, an optical instrument that projects a pulsed laser beam onto an object. When the laser beam is reflected back, it is captured by the scanner., The scanner can collect up to 2 million points per second. Since the 3D laser scanner cannot see through the object, we will scan from multiple locations to obtain a complete 3D image. In the post-processing stage, a single scan is combined into a complete 3D point cloud with the help of software, and finally an object or environment can be expressed completely and accurately. In addition to the scanning function, the scanner can also generate complete 360 degree panoramic color photos from any location. These photos are used to color point clouds and for online applications. After delivery, the point cloud can be used for further 3D projects in PDMS / E3D, Revit, AutoCAD, NavisWorks and other systems.

II. Application of 3D printing

Applications to 3D laser printing include:

1. Complete and accurate 3D mapping of buildings, factories or machines;

2. For complete "as built" visualization within the industry for modification and maintenance purposes;

3. Obtain reliable and up-to-date information and drawings during building renovation or reconstruction and building management;

4. Deformation analysis and deformation or displacement research;

5. Unlock "built" data through cloud solutions.

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