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Common Issues and Solutions for Laser Scanner Galvanometer

Galvo motor does not self-lock

Firstly, check whether there is any open circuit or short circuit in the connection wires, whether the connections are correct, whether the fuse is intact, and after confirming that everything is on point, turn on the power and observe whether the indicator lights on the vibratory mirror drive board are green or yellow. If they don't light up or light up red, unplug the power cord of the drive board and use a multimeter to measure whether the voltage at each terminal of the input end is 24V. If the voltage is normal, test whether the voltage is normal when the drive board and the load are connected. If the voltage is abnormal in both cases, open the control box and test the switch power supply voltage without load. If the voltage is abnormal, the switch power supply is faulty. After the power input is normal, connect all the wires and turn on the power. The galvo motor system generally emits two beeps. If there is no sound, push the vibratory mirror slightly with your hand. If the vibratory mirror does not self-lock, the drive board is damaged. Of course, if the voltage output is normal and the drive board light does not turn on or turns on red, the problem is with the vibratory mirror drive board or the motor. At this time, find a drive board that is confirmed to be intact, connect it correctly, and turn on the power. If the galvo motor still does not self-lock, it is damaged. Similarly, find a galvo motor that is confirmed to be intact, connect it to the drive board that does not power on, and turn on the power. If it still doesn't power on, the vibratory mirror drive board is damaged. Repeat this process of connecting and disconnecting the wires, and be sure to do it while the power is off.

Galvo motor does not swing

Check whether the marking card of the galvanometer scanner has a control signal output. If so, check whether the signal connection wire of the galvo motor is connected properly. After confirming that the connection is correct, do the marking. If it still does not swing, check whether the signal wire is connected in reverse or broken. Otherwise, it can be determined that the drive board is damaged.

The galvo motor produces a whistling sound

Test the marking card signal, wiring, external interference, etc. If there is still a whistling sound, adjust the potentiometer on the filter board of the laser scanner galvanometer drive board. If the whistling sound cannot be eliminated, it needs to be returned to the galvanometer suppliers for precise adjustment. (Note: It cannot be in the whistling state for a long time, otherwise the galvo motor may burn out).

The galvo motor does not seal or over-seals marks

Change "jump delay", light-out delay, and other delays in the marking software. If none of them works, the vibratory mirror has not been fully calibrated. You should return to the company. If necessary, the laser maintenance and after-sales personnel can adjust it according to the vibratory mirror debugging steps, but pay attention to not randomly adjust a few potentiometers.

No laser output when marking with galvo motor

However, there is laser output in the light emission hole of the laser. The marking speed of the software is too fast, the field mirror is not installed, the vibratory mirror does not move and is in an abnormal position, the galvo motor piece falls off, and the vibratory mirror is dirty. Deal with the first few problems according to the method above. If the vibratory mirror piece falls off and cracks open, return to the company, replace it with a new piece and adjust the laser. If the vibratory mirror is dirty, wipe it with 99% alcohol and a degreasing cotton. If it cannot be wiped off and is 1 square millimeter larger in the center or edge of the vibratory mirror, replace the vibratory mirror piece, just like dealing with the problem of the vibratory mirror piece falling off.

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