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Control, Application, and Precautions of Laser Scanning Galvo

Control of laser scanning galvo

The galvo is an essential component of all laser equipment. galvos can be used to move lasers on objects, whether in one-dimensional or two-dimensional planes, or even in three-dimensional space. The galvo is controlled by voltage analog signals. In the single-ended signal input mode, a signal voltage change from negative 10V to positive 10V corresponds to an angular change of the galvo from negative 20 degrees to positive 20 degrees. This is a linear relationship with a linearity of 99%.

The signal frequency determines the mechanical angle change speed of the galvo, but the signal frequency cannot be too high when the galvo swings to its maximum angle, otherwise it may damage the galvo. The current driving the galvo is usually very small, generally below 500mA. The control signal should be as close to a sine wave as possible to ensure the galvo's mechanical motion is smooth, and its service life is long. galvo heads have the characteristics of fast speed, high repeat accuracy, small size, and long service life.

Application of laser scanning galvo

Laser rust removal is rapidly developing under the background of environmental protection. Traditional rust removal methods mostly use chemical agents, but traditional rust removal is too expensive, and rust removal agents are consumables. Purchasing rust removal agents is expensive, and they are used up quickly. Moreover, the chemical pollution caused by rust removal agents is quite serious. Nowadays, because people's requirements for environmental protection are getting higher and higher, traditional rust removal is gradually being replaced by laser rust removal.

However, laser rust removal needs to be convenient and flexible, which is not easy. Only when people use handheld laser rust removal devices can they achieve the purpose of convenient use and flexible application of laser rust removal. The characteristics of fast speed, small size, low heat generation, and long service life of the laser galvo are most suitable for the application requirements of handheld laser devices. Therefore, laser rust removal device manufacturers have adopted galvoes to make handheld laser rust removal machines. In this way, laser scanning galvoes have also contributed to human environmental protection efforts!

Precautions for using laser scanning galvos

  • When the galvo leaves the factory, it comes with various connection wires. Please refer to the connection diagram of the driving board for wiring. The motor number must be the same as the scanning board number, and the X and Y driving boards are respectively corresponding to the motor. Otherwise, asymmetric patterns may occur, such as circles becoming ellipses.

  • Do not plug or unplug various connection wires when power is on, otherwise the galvo will be damaged.

  • Pay attention to protecting the lens. The lens is fragile. Be careful not to collide with the lens during installation. No substance should come into contact with the reflective surface of the lens, otherwise the reflection rate of the lens will be affected, and the lens may even burn out. When adjusting the laser power, be careful not to hit the adhesive on the lens, as the adhesive absorbs heat and is prone to breaking the lens. If the lens is dirty, use medical cotton swabs dipped in acetone to gently wipe it.

  • When abnormal noise or other abnormal phenomena occur during startup, immediately shut down and troubleshoot before starting up again to avoid damage to the galvo.

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