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Laser Scanning Galvo Motor Non-Locking Issue

The laser scanning galvo is an optical component used for laser scanning. It locates the scanning image by controlling the direction of the light. Laser scanning galvo usually achieves light scanning by high-speed rotation, resulting in high-resolution images. This technology is widely used in industrial inspection, medical imaging, 3D scanning and other fields.

Advantages of laser scanning galvo

High electro-optic conversion rate

The electro-optic conversion rate is a key indicator that determines the scanning efficiency of the laser scanning galvo. The higher the conversion rate, the larger the scanning rate and precision. The reputable manufacturers of laser scanning galvo improve the electro-optic conversion rate by using high-quality solid fiber resonators under a passive cooling plan, which significantly reduces the consumption of electromagnetic energy and improves scanning quality.

Strong production capacity

Laser scanning galvos can provide energy pulses ranging from a few joules to tens of joules under the standard pulse width of microseconds or even milliseconds. Therefore, high-quality laser scanning galvoes have high average power and pulse repetition rate and have strong production capacity. Consequently, the application of these galvoes can significantly improve the production processing speed and productivity of machine equipment.

Convertible operation modes

In addition to quickly increasing or decreasing the output power level, laser scanning galvo can switch from pulse mode to continuous operation mode online. They can also simulate the control of internal pulse generators and thereby complete the best time and pulse shape when performing special applications. Therefore, when solving the complicated parts and extremely sensitive raw materials, these galvoes can simultaneously control the pulse width, pulse energy, and average power of the laser.

Solution to the problem of laser scanning galvo self-locking

First, check whether the electrode connection lines have a short circuit or short-circuit fault, whether the connection is appropriate, and whether the commercial insurance is intact. After confirming it is correct, turn on the switch power supply and observe whether the signal light or the light on the galvo driver board is on.

If it is not on or the light is on, unplug the driver board power plug and use a multimeter to measure whether the voltage of each terminal of the input end is ±24V. If the voltage is all correct, test whether the voltage is all correct when carrying the driver board and machine load. If all are abnormal, turn on the operating box and test the voltage of the power transformer without load. If the voltage is abnormal, the power transformer is damaged.

After confirming that the switch power supply input is all normal, connect all the wires and power on. The motor generally emits two beeps. If there is no sound, push the galvo slightly by hand and if the galvo is not self-locking, the driver board is bad.

If the driver board light is not on or the light is on when the natural voltage output is all normal, then the galvo driver board or the motor is not good. At this time, find a driver board that has been confirmed to be intact, connect it properly, turn on the switch power supply, and the galvo motor still does not self-lock. Then, the galvo motor has been damaged. Similarly, find a confirmed intact galvo motor and install it on the driver board that cannot be energized.

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