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The Principle of Cosmetic Laser Scanner Galvanometer

Laser scanner galvanometers, also known as galvanometric scanners, are exceptional devices crucial for vector scanning. Unlike conventional rotating motors, they operate on the fundamental principle of applying electrical current to a coil, generating torque in a magnetic field. However, distinctively, these scanners, equipped with a reset torque, either through mechanical springs or electronic methods on the rotor, maintain balance. The magnitude of the reset torque is proportional to the rotor's deviation from the equilibrium position. When the coil is energized with a specific current, causing the rotor to deflect at a certain angle, the electromagnetic torque equals the restoring torque. Consequently, the scanner doesn't rotate like a regular motor but deflects. This deflection angle is directly proportional to the current, similar to an ammeter, earning the name "galvanometric scanner."


Galvo Scanning System: A Brief Overview

The professional term for these scanners is a "High-Speed Scanning Galvanometer" or "Galvo scanning system." The design concept mimics that of an ammeter, with mirrors replacing needles, and the signal from the probe substituted with a direct current signal controlled by a computer within the range of -5V—5V or -10V—+10V. This orchestration achieves predetermined actions. Similar to rotating mirror scanning systems, this typical control system employs a pair of folding mirrors. Still, the difference lies in replacing the stepper motor with a servo motor. This system, incorporating position sensors and feedback loop design, further ensures precision, pushing the scanning speed and repeatable positioning accuracy to new heights.


Components of Cosmetic Laser Scanner Galvanometer

The cosmetic laser scanner galvanometer is a three-mirror vertical optical assembly used in medical and cosmetic applications. Its distinctive features include:


Internal and External Supports:


An internal support is mounted inside an external support, secured through bottom screws.

X and Y Scanning Motors:


The X scanning motor is vertically installed at the top of the external support.

The Y scanning motor is horizontally installed on the left side of the external support.

Three Mirrors:


X Mirror: Connected to the X scanning motor, swinging around its axis.

Y Mirror: Connected to the Y scanning motor, swinging around its axis.

45° Reflection Mirror: Fixed to the internal support at a 45° angle.

Light Entry and Exit Points:


Light enters from the top through the entry point located on the side of the X scanning motor.

Light exits from the bottom through the exit point located at the bottom of the external support, equipped with a lens and a focusing bracket beneath it.

This configuration transforms the traditional horizontal entry and vertical exit setup into a more flexible and convenient vertical entry and exit. This modification enhances the accuracy of laser positioning and ensures the stable and reliable operation of the entire system over extended periods. The cosmetic laser scanner galvanometer finds applications in laser medical procedures and beauty treatments.

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