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Welding Galvanometer Operation Method and Maintenance

Ⅰ. Operation method of welding galvanometer

1. Preparation and inspection before use

(1) First of all, please confirm whether the installation of each part is firm.

(2) Check whether the cooling water, compressed air, and air knife blowing system are connected normally, and whether the displayed values of the gas meter and water meter are within the normal range. First, test the light with low power to determine whether it is in the focus position, whether the software has alarm information, etc. If it is normal, you can continue to use it.

2. Instructions for use

(1) Laser radiation can damage eyes and skin. During use, please wear a laser to protect your eyes and avoid direct irradiation or reflection of the laser on the skin.

(2) The laser can heat the incoming object and make it hot. Therefore, avoid shooting at flammable and explosive items. Do a good job in the corresponding protection of heated objects.

(3) The lens needs to transmit light, so it cannot be polluted. Always check the welding galvo lens for contamination. If you find dirt or dust on the lens, please wipe or replace it in time.

(4) The user needs to be able to use the laser proficiently, have a certain understanding of the use of laser and galvanometer products, and understand the knowledge of laser protection. Non-professional use is prohibited.

Ⅱ. Regular repair and maintenance of the galvanometer

1. First of all, make sure that each part is firmly installed

If you notice signs of aging or dust buildup, you need to take care of it to prevent it from happening. Check the laser wire for damage within the specified time. If the laser fiber is damaged, it should be replaced immediately. Pay attention to the prompts on the display of the laser device. They can provide you with information on necessary maintenance work.

2. Drain the cooling water from the high-power oscillator under the following conditions

(1) Long-term reserves.

(2) When the storage temperature is close to zero.

3. Before the welding galvanometer is ready and sent back to the factory for repair

Inspection and cleaning of optoelectronic systems. After the material is laser processed, particles and vapors may be emitted from the surface of the workpiece, creating fog or dust on protective mirrors or other high-power galvo parts. The protective glasses absorb the energy absorbed by the laser light hitting the workpiece. Check the condition of the goggles in time. When goggles or other parts are covered with dust, they should be cleaned in time. If the dust has burned and cannot be removed from the protective lens, the protective lens must be replaced.

4. Maintenance cycle

Check the protective mirror every day (it is recommended to increase the frequency of inspection, and increase the cleaning of welding surfaces with more spatter such as aluminum welding). Focus lenses are checked once a month in a dust-free environment.

Thank you for your patience in reading the article on welding galvanometers. If you need to know more about welding galvanometers and high-speed scanning galvanometers, please contact us. Han's Scanner will serve you wholeheartedly 24 hours a day!

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