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What is Laser Micromachining?

Laser technology is one of the four major inventions in the 20th century, along with atomic energy, semiconductors and computers. For more than 40 years, with the increasing demand for small electronic products and microelectronic components, the precision processing of processing materials (especially polymer materials and high melting point materials) has become one of the fastest growing areas of laser in industrial applications.

1. Laser micromachining technology has become an important tool in the field of micromachining

Laser micromachining generally refers to the process of processing dimensions in the micron level. At present, the global manufacturing industry is on the road of developing towards precision, integration and intelligence. Micro-machining technology is becoming the mainstream technology trend of precision manufacturing, and has become an important research topic in countries around the world. It is not only a requirement for global manufacturing upgrades, but also a development trend to achieve micron, submicron and even nanometer-level precision structures, textures, micropores, etc. on the surface of materials or in three-dimensional space, and to eliminate thermal effects as much as possible.

With the continuous improvement of the refinement degree of the global processing industry and the transformation and upgrading of the national manufacturing industry, laser processing has become one of the important technical means to replace traditional processing tools. main processing tool.

2. The sales volume of UV lasers has grown significantly, becoming the main model of laser micromachining

The ultraviolet light of the laser micromachining system has a short wavelength, and the contact surface with the processed object is relatively small during processing, which is conducive to reducing the thermal effect affected area and effectively improving the processing accuracy. It is used for static and dynamic marking, 3D printing, cutting drills Hole, brittle material processing and other fields.

3. The application field of ultrafast lasers continues to expand and will become a new growth point in the field of laser micromachining

Ultrafast lasers are going through a stage of vigorous development, and the downstream application fields are constantly expanding, and they have been applied in many fields such as consumer electronics, biomedical, aerospace, new energy, etc. due to their short action time and strong peak power.

Laser micromachining is an important application in the laser industry. Compared with conventional mechanical processing, laser processing is more precise, more accurate and faster. This technology uses the characteristics of the interaction between laser beams and substances to process various materials including metals and non-metals, involving welding, cutting, marking, drilling, heat treatment, forming and other processing techniques. The unique characteristics of the laser make it an ideal tool for microprocessing, which is widely used in the three fields of microelectronics, micromechanics and microoptics processing. Laser processing technology is a processing technology that uses the characteristics of the interaction between laser beams and substances to cut, weld, surface treat, punch and micro-machine materials (including metals and non-metals).

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