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Composition and Analysis of Laser Scanner Galvanometer Accessories

Laser galvo mirror and scanner galvanometer are high-speed scanning devices, which have long been used in laser marking equipment. It is simple in organization, small in size, high in accuracy, fast in scanning, and inexpensive. According to the detailed introduction of relevant materials, the existing applications of high-speed multi-band ultraviolet spectroscopy in nuclear fusion.

Due to its wide application coverage, the laser scanner galvanometer can carry out vector marking and dot matrix marking, the marking range can be adjusted, the response time is fast, the marking speed is high, the marking quality is high, the optical path sealing characteristics are good, and the natural environment is strong. Mainstream products mean the development prospects of laser marking in the future and have broad application prospects. laser scanner galvanometer accessories are as follows.

1. Double marking head for laser scanner galvanometer accessories

The double standard head is composed of two scanning heads. After the laser beam enters the mark head, it is divided into double standard laser beams according to the optical composition. The special double standard software operates the double standard work respectively. The labeling efficiency is twice that of the double standard, and the total area of the label is Also double the double standard, ideal for venues that mandate rapid mass labelling. The technical parameters of the laser galvo mirror double marking head are the same as those of the single marking head above, but the total marking area is twice that of the single marking head. For example, the total marking area of the single marking head is 100x100 mm. The marking head has a total marking area of 200x100 mm.

2. Optical components of laser scanner galvanometer accessories

All optical components are properly raised and adjusted to ensure the best focus quality and stable key parameters throughout the process. Manufacturer-supplied optics products range from compact design mirrors, including attachment components for standard mirrors, to optics in a variety of light wavelengths, powers, focal lengths, and fields of view.

3. Digital laser marking head for laser scanner galvanometer accessories

Compared with the traditional analog marking head, the digital marking head has the distinctive features of small size, fast scanning speed and strong anti-interference. It is mainly used in fiber laser marking machine, pump solid-state laser marking machine and sailing laser marking machine.

Galvo is a high-quality vector scanning device. It is a unique swaying motor. The basic concept is to connect the power coil to cause torque in the electromagnetic field. However, unlike the rotating motor, the rotor has a calibrated torque according to the torsion spring of mechanical equipment or electronic devices. The angle of view of shifting the balance position is proportional to the angle of view. When the coil is supplied with a certain amount of current and the rotor is offset to a certain angle of view, the size of the electromagnetic torque and the response torque are the same, so it cannot be rotated like a general motor, only the offset and deflection angle It is proportional to the amount of current, like a galvanometer, so the galvanometer is also called a galvanometer scanner.

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