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Laser Galvanometer is a High-performance Rotating Motor

The core of laser scanning galvanometer equipment is laser marking control system and laser marking head. Therefore, the development process of laser marking is the development process of marking control system and laser marking head. In the field of laser marking, it has experienced the era of large format, the era of rotating mirror and the era of galvanometer, and the control method has also completed a series of evolutions from direct software control to upper and lower computer control to real-time processing and time-sharing multiplexing. Today, the emergence and development of semiconductor lasers, fiber lasers and even ultraviolet lasers have brought new challenges to optical process control, and galvanometer scanning systems are the latest products.

In 1998, the large-scale application of the galvo motor system in China began to arrive. The so-called galvanometer can also be called an ammeter. Its design idea completely follows the design method of the ammeter. The lens replaces the needle, and the signal of the probe is replaced by a computer-controlled DC signal to complete the predetermined action.

1. The optical scanning galvo motor is a high-performance rotating motor developed for optical applications

It includes a motor based on motion electromagnetic technology and a high-precision position detector. The main application area is the fast and precise positioning of laser beam deflection mirrors. Based on years of experience in developing and manufacturing scanning galvanometers, scanning systems and scanning solutions in the industry, the motor part is perfectly matched with the lens load and has perfect dynamic response characteristics. Axial pre-set high-precision bearings ensure no backlash, high strength and low friction, and long service life!

In addition to the high repeatability and low drift characteristics of the high-precision optical position detection system, the galvo motor is also equipped with a heater and a temperature sensor, so that the galvanometer can maintain good temperature characteristics even in abnormally fluctuating environments, ensuring the stability under long-term working conditions.

2. The galvo motor is equipped with lenses for various typical wavelengths

In order to obtain good reflection characteristics, the moment of inertia, hardness and flatness of all mirrors are optimized. High-quality galvo mirrors are used continuously for a long time without error accumulation, because their integrated integrated measurement device ensures that the quality of the system is continuously maintained. The galvanometer has a rotationally symmetrical flange structure for easy installation. The galvanometer housing must be electrically isolated from the machine structure during installation. The limit mechanism of the lens has been integrated on the galvanometer, and it can be used by directly installing the lens on the shaft end of the galvanometer.

During the scanning process of the laser galvo motor, the diverging lens in the device is driven by the motor to achieve dynamic and precise positioning on the optical axis relative to the focusing lens. This process changes the overall focal length of the system and works in synchrony with the scanning deflection mirrors, thus extending 2D scanning into a 3D scanning system. The device can replace expensive flat-field objective lenses in 2D scanning applications, and can also implement 3D beam deflection scanning systems.

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