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Disassembly and Installation of Laser Scanner Galvanometer

Laser marking machines, after extended use, may encounter issues such as the inability to mark properly or no laser output. Upon careful investigation, it's often found that the problem lies with the laser scanning galvanometer. In such cases, the galvanometer needs to be disassembled, sent to the manufacturer or an authorized service center for maintenance, and later reinstalled. This article provides a step-by-step guide on both disassembling and installing the laser scanning galvanometer.


Disassembly Steps for Laser Scanner Galvanometer

Ensure Power is Completely Disconnected:

Begin the disassembly process with the laser marking machine completely powered off. Disconnect the power supply line of the marking head. If certain models lack this connection, it can be disregarded.


Remove Field Mirror:

Take off the field mirror, ensuring proper protection and coverage. During the operation, avoid any contact with the field mirror, especially the lenses.


Use Suitable Tools to Remove Marking Head:

Utilize appropriate tools, typically an internal angle pry bar, to unscrew the marking head carefully. Be cautious to prevent excessive force, especially if the removed outer shell is connected to the galvanometer driver board.


Disconnect All Wiring:

Unplug all connections, including power supply lines, signal lines, and motor-to-driver board lines.


Remove Driver Board and Motors:

Detach the driver board and pack it securely. Remove the Y and X motors, ensuring proper packaging. Pack the driver board and X and Y motors together, completing the task of removing the galvanometer. The components can now be sent for repair.


Installation Steps for Laser Scanner Galvanometer

Install Y and X Motors:

Start by installing the Y and X motors, ensuring they do not collide under any angle or condition.


Mount Two Drive Boards:

Securely mount the two drive boards in place.


Connect All Wires:

Once all wires of the laser scanning galvanometer are connected, proceed to test and calibrate the angles and depth of the galvanometer motors. Ensure the final laser output center position aligns with the center of the field mirror.


Clean and Organize Wires:

Clean the wiring and organize the lengths of the cables. Seal all covers of the laser scanning galvanometer's components.


External Connections:

Connect the external wires, and after these steps, you can power on the machine. At this point, the installation of the laser scanning galvanometer is complete.


By following these comprehensive steps for both disassembly and installation, you ensure the effective functioning of the laser scanning galvanometer in the laser marking machine. Regular maintenance and attention to detail during these processes contribute to the longevity and efficiency of the galvanometer.

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