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How to Install Galvo Mirror Correctly in Automatic Laser Welding Machine?

Understanding the Vital Role of Galvo Mirror in Automatic Laser Welding Machines

Automatic laser welding machines consist of numerous components that demand careful attention due to their crucial roles in the overall construction. One such component is the galvo mirror. While many might not be familiar with what a galvo mirror is, it plays a pivotal role in the machine's design. Often referred to as an ammeter, the galvo mirror's design philosophy closely follows that of an ammeter, with the mirror replacing the pointer. The signal from the probe is replaced by a computer-controlled DC signal ranging from -5V to +5V or -10V to +10V to execute predetermined actions. So, how do we correctly install and maintain the galvo mirror in an automatic laser welding machine? Read on to find out!


Installing Galvo Mirror in Laser Welding Machine: Correct Steps

Install Y and X Motors:

Start by installing the Y and X motors of the automatic laser welding machine, ensuring that they do not collide at any angle or condition.


Mount Two Drive Boards:

Securely mount the two drive boards in place.


Connect All Wires:

Once all the wires of the automatic laser welding machine are connected, proceed to test and calibrate the angles and depth of the galvo mirror motors. Ensure that the final output center position of the laser aligns with the center of the field mirror.


Clean and Organize Wires:

Clean the machine's wiring and organize the lengths of the cables. Seal all the covers of the laser welding machine's components.


External Connections:

Connect the external wires, and after these steps, you can power on the machine. At this point, the installation of the galvo mirror in the laser welding machine is complete.


By following these correct steps for installing the galvo mirror, you ensure the precise functioning of the automatic laser welding machine. The galvo mirror's accurate positioning is essential for achieving optimal laser output and high-quality welding results. Regular maintenance and attention to detail during the installation process contribute to the longevity and efficiency of the galvo mirror in the machine.

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