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Why Does Laser Scanning Galvanometer Affect the Price of Full-Color Laser Light?

When we encounter a higher price tag on a full-color laser light, the common perception is to attribute it to brand premiums or elevated profit margins within the laser light industry. However, the truth runs deeper, often overlooked by many of us. The key factor influencing the price lies in both the intrinsic quality and external technology of a particular laser light.


Influence of Scanning Galvanometer On the Price of Laser Light Pricing

It's a common misconception to assume that laser lights with the same power should come with a similar price tag. However, this notion neglects the crucial role played by components such as light sources, laser scanning galvanometers, and optical platforms—all of which significantly impact the overall cost of laser lights.


Notably, the varied effects produced by different brands of laser scanner galvanometer underscore the importance of scrutinizing the internal components that contribute to a laser light's performance. Some laser scanning galvanometers exhibit inflated real speeds and scanning ranges, coupled with high failure rates, leading to instances of disruptions and flickering in animated projections.


Thus, when investing in full-color laser lights, it becomes imperative to shift the focus from price alone to a holistic consideration that emphasizes quality.


Understanding Laser Scanning Galvanometers

But what exactly are laser scanning galvanometers, and why are they pivotal components of full-color laser lights? These devices, also known simply as laser galvos, consist of an X-Y optical scanning head, electronic drive amplifiers, and an optical reflection mirror assembly. The computer controller signals drive the optical scanning head through the drive amplification circuit, enabling the control of laser beam deflection in the X-Y plane.


The Impact of Laser Scanning Galvanometers on Laser Performances

For over 35 years, laser performances have been captivating audiences in amusement parks, concert halls, festivals, sports events, bars, and various special occasions. In laser projection systems, the waveform of optical scans, characterized by vector scanning, dictates the stability of laser graphics, with the system's scanning speed being a crucial determinant.


Dedicated laser scanning galvanometers for full-color laser lights employ small electric motors positioned at different angles and locations. These motors create controlled and rhythmic vibrations on the galvanometer, allowing the projection of red, green, blue, and other laser lights. The high-quality laser scanning galvanometers contribute to:


  • Exponential Growth in Resolution: Enhancing the resolution of laser graphics, logos, and text projections.

  • Increased Coverage Area: Expanding the area that a single laser beam can cover, resulting in a larger scanning range.

  • Creation of More Satisfying and Attention-Grabbing Laser Performances: Delivering impressive and captivating laser displays and effects.

  • Reduction in Laser Beam Divergence: Aiding in minimizing the spread of laser beams.

  • Faster Scanning Speeds and Reduced Flickering: Ensuring smoother and faster scanning, minimizing any undesirable flickering effects.


As technology advances and the demand for mesmerizing laser displays continues to grow, the emphasis on the quality of internal components, particularly laser scanning galvanometers, becomes paramount. In the quest for vibrant, dynamic, and high-performance full-color laser lights, understanding the nuances of laser scanning galvanometers is the key to unlocking a world of visually stunning possibilities.

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